Ecotourism in Action

Best practices in operations are in place. Alaska Wildland Adventures has received a Gold Level rating from Adventure Green Alaska, an Alaska-based ecotourism certification program. That rating reflects specific business practices employed at our lodges.

For example:

  • Vehicle management: A key component of our commitment to operating in an environmentally sensitive manner is vehicle fleet management. We manage our fleet for optimal, comfortable passenger loads and minimal use of wasteful “dead heads” (empty vans on return trips).
  • Local, organic and sustainable food sources: Our lodge meals are carefully planned using as much Alaska grown produces and wild caught fish as possible. A beautiful organic vegetable garden in front of Kenai Riverside Lodge provides herbs, lettuces and a variety of other greens for use in salads and as side dish complements to meals.
  • Water use: All three Alaska Wildland Adventures lodges reduce excess water consumption by inviting guests to reuse cabin linens for multiple day stays, maximizing wash loads, and using environmentally sensitive cleaning products.
  • Chemical use/cleaning products: Whenever possible, environmentally sensitive and organic cleaning products are used for hospitality and in-house needs.