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Although we do not have a brochure specific to our Kenai River Trips, all of the information you need to plan your trip is found on this website or can be explained by calling us at 800.478.4100.

If you would like to learn more about our other properties and multi-day adventures, we encourage you to review our brochures for Alaska Wildland Adventures and Kenai Riverside Fishing, which you may immediately download below.

Download our 2020 Alaska Wildland Adventures Brochure:

2020 Alaska Wildland Adventures Brochure

Download our 2020 Kenai Riverside Fishing Brochure:

2020 Kenai Riverside Fishing Brochure

We have limited printed quantities of our 2020 brochure and are in production for our 2021 brochures at this time. If you’d like to proactively sign up for a copy of our 2021 summer season trip catalog, please complete the below form, and you’ll automatically be added to our 2021 mailing list.

We anticipate our 2021 brochures being available this fall!

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